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Allyn Sims: Ancestral Pathways

Allyn Sims: Shamanism and trance states for changing yer life

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Samantha Sanchez - Dynamic Body Therapies

Samantha is a Holistic CMT -  M/F Releaser

Looking for relief from the stresses of daily life? Look no further than Dynamic Body Therapies Mind-Body-Soul Relief, where mental, emotional, and spiritual care are integrated with physical bodywork to provide a comprehensive solution for all your needs.

With Samantha Sanchez at the helm, you can be assured of expert care that relieves physical suffering and promotes calmness throughout the rest of the systems.

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Hidden Trees Mystery School

Healer Paula Offers Shamanism-based classes and healings to help you heal, Enchanted and Empowered Objects, Psychic and Gifts exploration, and more.

Darren DumasBujinkan Ryuuko Hikan Dojo  

Own Your Center

The Bujinkan Ryuuko Hikan Dojo is a martial arts school dedicated to the study and practice of Bujinkan Budo Taijutsu, a martial art based on the principles, techniques, and strategies from 9 historical Japanese martial lineages (also known as "Ryu"), developed during the turbulent and bloody Warring Period of Feudal Japan.  Emphasizing natural, efficient, and tactical movement, the training is a combination of unarmed and armed techniques used in a wide variety of situations and purposes.  Everything from striking, grappling, escapes, body structure and movement, and various historical weapons like swords, knives, pole weapons, sticks, chains and ropes, and thrown weapons are all part of the training.  

Cheryl Huizar

If you are looking for an experience that will transport you to a realm of peace and tranquility, look no further than the Mystic Arts Faire. Our Crystal Singing Bowls with Cheryl Huizar is a profound way to immerse yourself in the healing power of sound.  Not only will you get to witness the majesty of crystal singing bowls, but you'll also have access to a variety of other metaphysical tools and practices that will help you tap into your inner wisdom and intuition. 

Sarah and Marie

 Sarah Wong will be featuring Stones, Crystals,  and essential oil blends to assist in grounding, allergies, and  blessings for abundance in your life

Marie Campbell will be featuring handmade jewelry

Valenz Tacos Food Truck

With an Amazing Variety of Mexican Food, Valenz Tacos will be offering a menu for Carnivore eaters to Vegetarian options. Valenz Tacos will be at Shugyo Empowerment Center from 8:00 am to 6:00 pm  

Henna Design Inc.

Henna Designs

Sacred Goddess Geometry

Always Improving Apparel

Always Improving Apparel wants to help you on the relentless pursuit of getting better every day! Our mission is to inspire action. We are building a community of like minded individuals. People who do not make excuses and never give up on their dreams. 

Join the movement and Live Life A.I.!!!