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Allyn Sims: Ancestral Pathways

Allyn Sims: Shamanism and trance states for changing yer life

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Samantha Sanchez - Dynamic Body Therapies

Samantha is a Holistic CMT -  M/F Releaser

Looking for relief from the stresses of daily life? Look no further than Dynamic Body Therapies Mind-Body-Soul Relief, where mental, emotional, and spiritual care are integrated with physical bodywork to provide a comprehensive solution for all your needs.

With Samantha Sanchez at the helm, you can be assured of expert care that relieves physical suffering and promotes calmness throughout the rest of the systems.

Darren DumasBujinkan Ryuuko Hikan Dojo  

Own Your Center

The Bujinkan Ryuuko Hikan Dojo is a martial arts school dedicated to the study and practice of Bujinkan Budo Taijutsu, a martial art based on the principles, techniques, and strategies from 9 historical Japanese martial lineages (also known as "Ryu"), developed during the turbulent and bloody Warring Period of Feudal Japan.  Emphasizing natural, efficient, and tactical movement, the training is a combination of unarmed and armed techniques used in a wide variety of situations and purposes.  Everything from striking, grappling, escapes, body structure and movement, and various historical weapons like swords, knives, pole weapons, sticks, chains and ropes, and thrown weapons are all part of the training.  

Henna Design Inc.

Join Renu Lal, native of New Delhi, India, renowned henna artist, gifted intuitive healer and palm reader and experience “PRAYERS TO WEAR.” Renu has an ability to tune in with your energy and draw your personalized SACRED SYMBOLS. She will share with you the meanings of traditional symbols and discuss which ones best enhance your life purpose.


Clint Robinson, 9 TH Degree Taekwondo Black Belt, Master NLP Trainer/Practitioner

Clint an active practitioner since 1966 is the founder of Robinson’s Taekwondo and the creator of the martial arts program Silver Tigers which was designed for practitioners aged 45 and above interested in the health benefits of Taekwondo with little to no risk of injury.

As a successful competitor representing the US in national and international competitions, Clint regularly teaches seminars throughout the country and occasionally on an international level in Asia and South America.

Currently, Clint has partnered with the Shugyo Empowerment Center offering both group and private instruction for all ages.

Being a Master N LP Practitioner for over 25 years, Clint is well versed in helping individuals identify and anchor the resources available to them. Individual and small group sessions are available. 


Reader and hands on healing, theraputic touch 

Once Aday Designs 

At Once Aday Designs I create resin dragons, unicorns, frogs, small signs, and so much more! We use crystals, grounding stones, seashells, copper and other elements in many of our pieces. I try to give each piece its own personality but with the ability to change when certain conditions are met. I do this by utilizing different pigments that can shift colors, react to light and/or temperature. The themes of my work focus primarily on spiritual, fantasy, and nature. I’m always looking for inspiration for new works.

Readings by Destiny  

Clairvoyant Readings, Tuning Fork Healings & some crystal pendants. 

Marie Campbell  

Homemade jewelry, crystals, dream catchers, trinkets 

Jon Phillips   

Crystal Energy Work 

Warrior Goddess Jewelry 

Handmade healing crystal jewelry, all created by myself. I have many options from high end elegant jewelry to fun healing crystal kids jewelry 

Mary Kay ~ Sharon Cochran 

Susy's Corner 

Journals, jewelry 

Art of Mia Russell 

I am a local artist that sells stickers, jewelry, paintings, and prints of my work. 

Devil Cactus Trinkets 

We sell crocheted items and jewlery. The crochet items range from plushies to keychains and more 

JJ's Fusion Eats ~ Food Truck

We are a fusion food truck that brings together two classic favorites - hamburgers and chicken sandwiches 

Heaven On Earth ~ Exploring The Healing Arts

"Heaven on Earth Healing Arts offers holistic health coaching based in Ayurveda and meditation training to individuals and groups. The program consists primarily of four pillars, including diet, exercise, sleep, and stress reduction using yoga, meditation, creativity, and relationship building." 


Tarot and aromatherapy 

The Different Drum 

Magickal Drums for Magickal People 

Blue Deer Healing  

Misha provides a multitude of rejuvenating energy clearing and healing modalities including intuitive readings.

Call or Text Misha at 916-918-5004 


Meditative and Healing Arts 

Meditative and Healing Arts is dedicated to improving and maintaining physical, mental, emotional, and spiritual health and well-being and promoting personal growth, through such modalities as Energy Healing (Qi Gong and Reiki), Meditation, Spiritual/Personal Guidance, Sound and Vibration Therapy (Tibetan Bowls and Tuning Forks), and T’ai Chi/T’ai Chi Sword.

Kickass Mystic Psychic Tarot  

A psychic tarot reader and oracle deck creator. 

 Aisha Psychic Medium 

Aisha is a gifted Psychic and Medium with over 25 years of experience. 


Her abilities were passed down from her mother, who was also very intuitive. She encouraged her to develop her psychic abilities at a very young age. 


Aisha’s psychic development is viewed as a gift that has allowed her to connect with spirit and receive messages of love and healing.


She believes our past, present, and future are mapped out but change is possible. That her gifts were given to her to help individuals in need navigate through the hard times on their journey in this life, allowing them to have a greater sense of self and find peace.


Art and Light Work by CJ Heru   

Psychic Sketch Artist 

D.A. Designs   

Meditative crafts, mix media arts, environmental photography 


LeafFilter Protects Your Entire Home

From roof to foundation, the damage caused by clogged gutters can be devastating for your home. With LeafFilter, you’re protected and backed by a lifetime warranty.

The Elevated Oracle 

Hello, I'm Ashley the human in charge of the elevated oracle. I've been practicing energy work since 2017 and I provide spiritual counsel, connecting you to your higher self, energy readings and channeled messages. 

Patty Cakes Pretty Polish/ Make-Up 

Nail polish strips and makeup. 

Ancestral Walk  

Pachakuti Mesa Tradition - Will be creating a despacho (imbued mandala with intentional prayers) 

Cajun Conjure   

HooDoo/Rootwork/Conjure Magick 


I specialize in handmade semiprecious stone in resin jewlery,pyramids and other accessories.i also wrap stones and make jewlery from raw and polished genuine crystals as well as intention pocket bags and cleansing tools  

Always Improving Apparel    

Selling Apparel 


We are both healers and have a deep respect for people and nature. We are offering services and products we feel aid in creating a safe space. We are offering reading, cleansing, oil blends, and charms. 

The Whimsy Willow        

Copper electroformed crystal jewelry and trinkets 

Archer Chiropractic       

I am a chiropractor and I developed a breakthrough in manual muscle testing and have published a book about my practice. I bring a table to demonstrate muscle testing. 

Great Gals Gala      

Welcome to Great Gals Gala! We make handcrafted jewelry and decor from custom wire wrapped genuine stones to hanging decor for both indoors and outdoors. We also hand paint repurposed clothes and tote bags. We aim to make one of a kind unique accessories, a little bit of something for everyone. Don’t forget to ask about commission requests!  

Farm Fresh To You     

“We deliver the season’s best produce and wholesome farm products conveniently to your door. We make it simple to live the good food life by providing a sustainable farm-to-table delivery service from organic farms in the region.” 


Jewelry bracelets, rings, necklaces, bottle stoppers, crystals 

Valenz Tacos Truck     

Jewelry bracelets, rings, necklaces, bottle stoppers, crystals